Argumentative Essay On Space Travel

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Being on the moon is like every kids dream and being able to jump 12 feet high and being able to see Earth from the moon but that all stopped in 1972 when NASA stop the apollo missions. Anybody’s chance of becoming an astronaut is shattered because when “NASA receives an application they have about 43,000 others to sort through. The chance of being an astronaut is estimated to be 1 in 41,000 or .002%”(Wired 1). And if you become a astronaut you have a very slim chance of going to space. If Nasa and the Federal Government put more money towards space travel and development we could go to Mars or even farther. Space travel is worth all the research, resources, and time. Space travel takes an abundance of time and it is worth it. Gravity…show more content…
At the international space station help find vacancies and research to cure some diseases. Astronauts aren 't just up their to study space but they conduct research on diseases and other bacteria to see how space affects them dn how and what they can do to. Space satellites like voyager 1 and 2 have done a huge amount of research on our galaxy and flew close enough to titan one of saturn 's moon humans now know that the surface is like on the water moon. It 's not just people conducting research but satellites do more research on our own planet and solar system and figure out weather patterns and asteroids distance and what the surface of Jupiter is like and other planets and because of starlights we know how hot the sun is and what 's its made of. Satellites help everyone down here on earth it gets internet, radio stations and all and any other type of communication expect for landline phones. All the forms of communication we use are things in the world that humans live in right now internet for example isnt just something humans couldn 't just get rid of right now people it in schools and other vitals like banks and the government use these things and if it wasn 't for satellites we would not have the world we do now. Research is vital in exploring space but in everyday lives. Space rockets use a tons of money in multiple things like in launch sequences and fueling because rocket fuel is very

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