The Importance Of Spartan Education

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Do you think it’s fair that you didn 't have the right to travel or even to not be able to decide if you want to fight for Sparta? Spata, in my viewpoint, Sparta was a strong but cruel country. Spata was not fair to the people of it’s city-state, it was rude of the leaders by the way they treated them. The weaknesses of Spartan education were the execution of helots, they didn’t have a well-rounded education, and after all the people of Sparta had few free choices for themselves. The execution of the helots every night was a very unintelligent thing for the helots to do, and it was also very unfair. For example, in document C it stated that,”Often too they made their way across the fields and killed the strongest and best of the helots.” This…show more content…
Another example would be, in document D it tells us in the first sentence “they learned to read and write and all other forms of education were banned from the country”! To add on, if they were more intelligent they could have had a better military with better strategies. My argument about the Spartans having few choices is a big deal to me. I feel that if you don’t get to make choices for yourself you won’t learn from your mistakes and you don’t get to live your life to the fullest. For instance, in document A it starts out telling us, “A spartan father had no right to decide whether to rear his newly born son or not.” My argument is that they didn 't get to choose very much for themselves. They even had arranged marriages! You see what I mean. However, I know some people are going to disagree with me but I feel a strength that doesn 't matter is how the Spartans had the boys run around with no shoes. I feel that this strength didn’t matter because they could get hurt by having something bite them or stepping on something sharp. I hope you enjoyed my argument on why Spata civilization was more weaknesses. Hopefully you agree with my statements and ideas. But if you don’t that 's okay, just keep in mind all of those ideas. Also I surely hope that you have learned something about
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