The Importance Of Speaking English

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Nowadays, English language is become an important language to be learned by everyone. They, who lived in a country where English still become a foreign language, are trying to master all the skills required in English which are writing, listening, reading, and speaking skill. However, although many of them have learned those skills for many years, there are still some them who are shy to practice their ability in English, especially in speaking, even for the students who are taking an English language as their major. After asking the opinions from some students, at least I have discovered that they are unconfident to speak English under some particular reasons. When I tried to ask the reason to the students of why they are still unconfident or shy to speak English, they have their own reasons that is different from others. One of students that I had been asked is Lilla. She is one of the student of English Department in my Reading class. She said that pronunciation is the most difficult thing to deal in speaking. The lack of pronunciation can lead the students into the feeling of being unconfident and shy to speak English. She also said in her statement that we will be so shy when we know that the way we pronounce the word is wrong and changing the meaning. The second student that I had been interviewed at that time is Fia. She seems have the similar idea with Lilla. She said, “The wrong or lack of pronunciation can make the people misunderstanding with what I said.” I

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