The Importance Of Speaking

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Speaking is a process of how speaker constructs meaning which includes creating and receiving information on an interactive way (Brown, 1994). The meaning and the form are delivered to the hearer depending on the context which also includes the participants, physical environment, and purposes for the speaking. Speaking is used to show someone 's feelings, thoughts, and even ideas to other people (Herman, 2016). Speaking is also one of the most important skills which should be supported by some components such as grammar competence, vocabulary mastery, and good pronunciation (Ur, 1996). In speaking, one of the components that should be mastered is pronunciation. Pronunciation is the way sounds are perceived by the hearers (Herman, 2016). This means that the speaker should say the sounds of words or sentences clearly so that the meaning will be received to the hearer. Harmer (2007) states that pronunciation is how a speaker makes sounds correctly and how he or she puts the stress, intonation, and pitch properly in order to make the hearers understand what the speaker means. Therefore, this component is very important in English because when a speaker mispronounces some sounds, this can lead to a misunderstanding in the meaning of the utterances (Riadi, Rufinus, & Novita, 2014). Fadloeli (2008) stated that to master sounds of English is a crucial goal of communicative competence both for teacher and students. Many problems have occurred dealing with pronunciation. In
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