The Importance Of Speaking Problems In The Classroom

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2. Literature review
2.1 The meaning of speaking Tsitsopoulos(1992) describes the meaning of speaking that is not only practicing pronunciation in a sentence structure, but requires knowledge and understanding, as well as proper expression.
Sumittra Angwattanakul(1994) says that speaking conveys thinking understanding and feeling to listeners, and make the listener understand the purpose of the speaker. Therefore, speaking skills are an important skill for people in diary life to learn a foreign language. This skill is the most important and essential skill. However, speaking skill is complexity. It takes time to practice. Khamkhien (2010) also believed that, speaking is considered to be the most important in a second language. It is the ability that requires the process of communicative competence, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary improving.

2.2 Speaking Problems in the Classroom Speaking skill still is a problem of many Thai students. According to Wiriyachitra (2003), English learning in Thailand is not very successful because the most students lack the opportunities to learn and practice English in English environment. Students’ tension, excitement and lack of confidence during taking a speaking in the classroom also are the problems in teaching and learning English (Ratanapinyowong, Poopon, & Honsa 2007). Many researchers’ investigations of the desire for English in workplace had suggested that the English curriculum in Thai university should focus on the
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