The Importance Of Special Needs

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Purpose of Study: The purpose of this reading is just because some students have special needs, that don’t mean you treat them any differently than normal students. Avis Kinkhead the physical education teacher at a Columbus Ohio city middle school loves teaching special education students, he has the choice to work with normal or special need kids but he chooses to work with the special need. In this article it shows that even kids with special needs can participate in the same events as normal kids. For example (basketball) Westmoor Middle School special need students love playing basketball; they have won the wheelchair basketball city league champions the past 2 years. Even though they have to play in a wheelchair they can still perform at a level where they are capable of playing even though they won’t be at the same level as the normal students, but that does not matter because not everyone is going to be at the same level.

Summary of Study: This article/study was located in Columbus Ohio at a middle called Westmoor. A special physical education teacher named Mr.Kinkhead and a librarian that works for the special needs named Wendy. Mr. Kinkhead has been teaching special education for good amount of time now and he enjoys doing it. Wendy is a librarian who helps special needs kids. For 8-10 years now Mr. Kinkhead has Wendy visits his class room once a month and the kids enjoy every time they get to spend time with Wendy because of the activities and energy she brings

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