The Importance Of Speech ABR

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Introduction Young and Sachs (1) showed that speech formants are conserved in the auditory nerve discharge pattern. Following their work, Greenberg (2) used complex stimuli to record speech ABR. He demonstrated that vowel formants can be truly encoded in the auditory brainstem response. (2) This stimulus reliability was further confirmed by Galbraith et al. who showed that words elicit a speech ABR that can be heard (3, 4) Many complex stimuli have been investigated to assess how the temporal and spectral features of sound stimuli are maintained in the auditory brainstem response. The two most meticulously studied are the consonant-vowel (CV) /da/ (5-24) and different Mandarin syllables as /yi/ and /mi/. (19, 25-30) Other speech syllable stimuli, /ba/, /ga/, have been used in some studies for speech ABR assessment to establish their norms and substrates.(18, 31-35) Speech ABR can also be elicited by words and phrases as “car” and “chicken pot pie”. (36) Environmental and affective non-speech sounds such as a baby 's cry have also been studied. (37) Additionally musical sounds have been shown to evoke speech ABR. (38-40) The stimulus /da/ was used in most studies in which speech ABR was recorded because it’s an acoustically complex speech syllable, which begins with a stop burst, similar to a click, and is followed by periodic harmonically rich vowel. The speech ABR occurs in response to a complex stimulus. It consists of two sections: an initial onset response, and the

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