The Importance Of Speed In Sports

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With the constant demand on athletes to perform at the highest ability, athletes are constantly competing not just in there selected sport but between their peers, trying to be bigger, stronger, faster. Speed can often be seen as one of the most important factors in segregating between being a good athlete and a great athlete, the basketball player trying to sprint up court to receive a pass, the soccer player who constantly take on defenders and goes past them at ease, and of course the 100meter dash expert the most defined aspect of linear speed in sport, these are all important examples of speed in sport, can it be any wonder why athletes who can achieve the greatest velocity are highly sought after in a variety of sports.
The explosive movement of the sprint is constant across a variety of sports events, like track and field, double and singles tennis and team sports like soccer and rugby, sprinting has fundamentally characteristic of three distinct phases 1) start phase 2) acceleration phase 3) maximal speed phase (Bezodis et al.,2012) According to research, speed training could not enhance speed performance, which was once viewed as a genetic trait where improvements could not be made, Ian Jeffreys (2013).
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Eg (Marching drills (foot placement, toe off, knee lift) Skipping (knee drive, ankle extension) Arm action (swing from shoulder) Running posture (standing tall, body

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