The Importance Of Speed Skating In The Olympics

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to speed skate in the Olympics? In the Olympics there are plenty of sports, and one such sport is speed skating. There are 4 main components to all sports, and I will be informing you about those. The first element of sports I will be explaining to you is competition. Speed skating is mostly self explanatory, but the main goal of it is to move over the distance of the race in the fastest time possible. You may be wondering “How do I play?” Well, while we’re on that topic, to play you operate the ice skates to skate on the ice so you can achieve the quickest time. There are two tracks they compete on, it just depends how frequently they travel around them. For long track it’s usually a 400 meter long oval track, for short track it is approximately 111 meters. To score you skate until you’re at the end of the race and cross the finish line. Your scores are calculated by figuring how much time it took to zip from point A to point B. The winner is decided by whoever had the swiftest time for that race. All you need to know in speed skating is your time, so they utilize stopwatches and automatic finish lines. Then there are the world records that athletes have set and tried to beat, there are multitudes, too much to write them all down, but I’ll tell you about a few of them. One of the major records is in women 's 10,000 meter dash the time is 13.48.33, on the other hand, in men’s 10,000 meter dash the record is 12.36.30. The record set for
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