The Importance Of Speeding

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Speeding on the Highway
Speeding is a huge issue throughout the world, in the United States especially. Trying to pinpoint the need for breaking the law by speeding is even harder. There are differences found statistically in gender, age, car model and time of day. The most important being gender, pinpointing males especially. No matter what the situation, speeding on the highway puts the lives of yourself and others at risk of causing car crashes, having a lack of reaction time, trying to show off and killing others as a result.
Speeding is one of the most common laws broken on a daily basis without a consequence. The need for speed is what can cause a five-car pileup and cars running into the railing on the highway. The decisions we make
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Matter of fact, "road traffic crashes is the second leading cause of death worldwide" even though it can be controlled and a majority of it stopped (Bener 54). With men, on average, being semi-drivers and driving the cars they own, they are at more of a risk of being the cause of the fatal crashes (Bener 56). Highway driving is dangerous as it is, so when you add men who think their car is cooler than everyone else's and the need to get to their job is top priority, crashes happen. In British Columbia between 2000 to 2012 there were 4,507 crashes where someone was killed, 1600 of them because of speeding (Brubacher e92). Says something that we need to change, in the United States, because odds with a number of accidents there are on a regular basis, the United States is higher in casualties. Just because there is less law enforcement, but that does not mean the rules need to be broken. According to Bener’s stats collected, men take the win on five of the ten most common crash types, with one being going to fast and missing a turn, along with angle collisions (60). Meaning the cause for men’s accidents is plain and simple, their speeding.
After casualties, trying to brag, lack of time to react and involving other cars unintentionally is taken out, speeding is a significant problem that slowly can be taken care off if humans stop and notice the decisions they are making. Think of all the stories you have heard, articles in the paper and news on the T.V., how many could have been saved if reckless speeding was not as big of an issue. In the time it took you to think of someone, take that same amount of time to reconsider speeding on the
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