The Importance Of Spirit Week In Schools

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At konawaena high school spirit week plays a crucial role in students education. By having spirit week students have the opportunity to dress up and have fun. Spirit week is also a creative way for students to show more school spirit. Even though school spirit week is considered extra curricular is still doesn't distract students from their academics. to many students, in fact spirit week motivates students to attend school to watch and participate in cool, fun activities. What's a school without any spirit? In order for students to be motivated the school must have spirit . That is what spirit week is for,the school chooses a word that represents our school such as the word,pride,from this word comes different dress up days, for the entire week each day students can dress up a specific way for example one day student wear pajamas or another day they would dress up wearing the school colors. Students all throughout school participate in spirit week dressing up and most of all showing that school spirit. There is many ways to be creative with school activities,such as planning assemblies or playing games but spirit week takes the idea of creativity to a whole other level. It’s very hard to establish an event that multiple student can participate,but during…show more content…
Most of all not to manny school are this creative with activities that students actually like and can all participate in, while still being

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