The Importance Of Spiritual Intelligence

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Spiritual intelligence is a path that leads from fear and defensiveness to love and compassion; from ignorance and confusion to wisdom and understanding (Vaughan, 2002). Based on the discussion above, it can succinctly be put that employees who hold spiritual intelligence tend to hold specific values and characters. For instance, ability to experience insight thought towards life and its purposes so that their goals will be traced beyond physical existence. They tend to avoid fear associated with hardship or labour stress by confronting them with patience. They display greater sense of commitment, integrity and empathy towards things around them (people or environment).
On one hand, organizations which encourage growth in terms of spiritual
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Apparently, spiritual intelligent promotes an optimal workplace satisfaction for employees because their personal values, dreams and aspiration matches with organizational projected values, thus, suggesting they are high achievers. Ghadi (2017) posit that employees who in turn identifies with organizational core values goes beyond the physical task, thus, enhancing improved work commitment. Such employees are pre-dispose to express satisfying and pleasant behaviors such as self-esteem, assistantship, endurance, avoid fear of hardship…show more content…
Spiritual intelligence is an attempt to bring into limelight the fusion of four quotients in an individual namely: (PQ) physical intelligence (body); (IQ) intelligence quotient (cognitive reasoning); (EQ) emotional Intelligence (emotional feelings) and (SQ) spiritual intelligence (transcendence). Spiritual intelligence helps us understand the mind and soul. Though many deny its existence, but it is being consciously or unconsciously practiced by all because it is the intelligence we use to determine what is right or wrong. It enables individual to think through issues from other people’s perspective, hence, for employees, they tend to think through employers’ perspective and come to terms that the use of emotional labour rules is for the good of all. Just something beyond the pay cheque alone.
An employee with high gifted spiritual intelligence tends to have a degree of self-awareness, the capacity to be flexible, face and transcend pain and suffering, have vision and values, see connection between diverse things and ask why and what if questions, look for meaning and see lives as an opportunity to be of service. Baharudin and Ismail (2015) concludes in their study that spiritual intelligence is a consent under the sphere of faith, thrusting the sincerity to engage

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