The Importance Of Sponsorship In The Workplace

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Once an unexperienced person (Mentee) is employed; a more experienced employee (Mentor) in the organization will guide him in a further formal relationship within the work environment. Mentoring is the most important relationship in the workplace as it assures that the work flow and communication among the organization members is going simultaneously and smoothly as well as it will reduce the time consumed and reduce errors occurrence in future when the new employee start working which is beneficial for both parties, the new comer and existing employees. Through mentoring the Mentee will be provided various functions by the mentor such as: sponsorship, coaching, exposure and visibility, protection, challenging work assignments, acceptance and confirmation, counselling, role modelling, friendship, share experience and knowledge. Sponsorship is done by adopting the mentee completely and keeping the doors open to him for any enquiries or doubts and this will enhance the trust between the both parties and will increase the confident of the newcomer as well as the mentor will gain more information from various sources to answer the unexpected…show more content…
Therefor the assumptions must be sensible and related to the core subject and the language used needs to be quite and gives the feedback of acceptance to the other party as well as the attitude should convey respect and modesty that will enhance a professional image of the organization. As an example: TV debate shows two sets of rhetoric areas one will be the matured show that will gives advantage for the audience and speakers while the other show will be chaotic with no value to any party because of wrong assumptions, unsuitable language and bad

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