The Importance Of Spring Break

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Essay 2 7:00 am (pre event) I woke up, today seemed like any other ordinary day. For a moment I thought I was taken back to my High School years. But then I realized the bed I woke up in was different than the ordinary bed I would wake up in. Back then the days of High School I would wake up with a skylight blinding my face, relentlessly screaming for me to get up at about 7 o'clock on the dot from the top of my bunk bed I shared with my brother who was always very close to me and always loved the idea of sharing a room with me. But those days have passed and we have moved on from that kind of connection, instead, now I have my own room when I come back to the house for college. This doesn't really bother my brother and frankly it doesn't bother me either. After panicking and rushing out of bed thinking I was late for school I came to the realization, wait, it’s still spring break, and i’m not in High School…show more content…
In my case, it was about a week or two before my brother got out of High School for Spring Break. Due to this, everything around my parents breaks would be built around the city school systems schedule, leaving almost little to no time to be with my family until the late afternoon. Spring break felt really fast, almost like it was gone too quickly, as soon as I saw my family at was almost like they were gone in an instant. This made me think, what was I doing just by sitting at the house on break going to help me in the future? What small things are going to affect my future in a big way, or which events are going to impact me in a very small fashion. Immediately after this thought my brother and dad came into the room to wish my goodbye. They still had to go to school and work on that Friday, considering the Spring Breaks don’t line up with each other. I fell back
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