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The physical aspect and believe that ‘the faster one is better’ is a common idea in most sports, therefore, football is not an exception, but it is specific enough not to be discussed in a traditional way of planning and developing the skill of speed. The breakdown of football specific tasks is clearly showing very low numbers of explicit straight sprinting over 30 meters – short distance sprints with change of direction take the central and most important role. Furthermore, there is evidence that straight sprinting training has little to no influence on sprinting that involves changes of directions, in more detail: the bigger the angle of directional change the smaller is the influence on straight sprinting [9]. These facts should be reason…show more content…
The sizes of ‘body breaks’ are determinants of the deceleration efficiency. If necessary, they prepare the opportunity of directional change trough dynamic body balance. Developing the eccentric qualities is not important in view of performance only – literature is clearly reporting that most injuries occur during decelerations as a result of excessive forces in the lengthening muscle. Furthermore, the same rationalities (injury prevention, performance development) can be appointed towards stabilization strength – agility training requires strengthening of the trunk stabilization muscles and joints of the lower extremities, whereas the weakness of these can increase the lost and absorption of forces produced and slowing transition from concentric to eccentric movements. After all, agility expression is highly associated with force production at high velocity – the essential goal of strength conditioning is power as a product of force and velocity, while closely followed by the importance of strength conditioning program planning as the key component for improving agility would be the consideration of the rate of force development and the stretch-shortening cycle. A more comprehensible insight into the necessary strength qualities is presented in the plant phase (Figure 3.) of agility actions. This is the summary of necessary forces in the phase of deceleration (eccentric), change of direction-stopping (stabilization) and reacceleration. The approximate time duration of the plant phase is less than 0.20

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