The Importance Of Spy Fiction

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INTRODUCTION TO SPY FICTION Spy fiction is a genre of literature that includes espionage as an important contextual or plot device. It started out in the early twentieth century, taking inspiration from enmities and schemes between schemes between countries, and the establishment if spy agencies. It was given new direction by the rise of fascism and communism in the follow up to the Second World War and continued to nurture during the Cold war inspired by the tense rivalry between the Western democracies and Eastern communism. Thus, it received a new source of inspiration from the emergence of Rouge states, international Criminal organizations, Islamic extremism, global Terrorist networks, maritime ranking piracy, corporate espionage, cyber warfare, and espionage as real threats to the civilized world. Tom Clancy, a famous spy novelist once said, “The difference between reality and fiction is that fiction has to make sense”. Richard A Clarke, a former high ranking American intelligence and counter-terrorism officer and advisor to four presidents said, “Sometimes 3you can tell more truth through fiction”. As a genre, spy fiction is elementally related to the novel of adventure, the thriller and the politico-military thriller like The Scarlet Pimpernel by Emma Orczy written in 1905. Espionage is about a government or person seeking information designated secret or confidential without the permission of the information
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