The Importance Of Stable Tourism

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Application of multi-criteria decision making techniques in measuring the stability rate of tourist destinations SeyedFarzadSeyedi prof: Mr. Safari (phc) Introduction Stable Tourism paradigm (ST) has been emerged as the only solution in tourism industry saving the nature and human beings. From this point of view, stable tourism paradigm reviews tourism within borders, society, its land and the guest society (tourists) and tourism industry from the other hand and pays attention said (Roknodin Eftekhari et. al , 1390). By suggesting the stable tourism paradigm, using practical measurement and progress check methods and techniques towards stability in tourism industry expanded and significant investment and human resources was spent to develop…show more content…
Stable tourism approach is a comprehensive approach which wants a long term development on tourism industry without any destructive effects on natural ecosystems and emphasizes that human being will be able to manipulate some special aspects of environment negatively positively in the form of tourism development (Mohseni, 1388). Stable tourism as an eco-friendly phenomenon, is economically possible and sociality acceptable, and it’s conditioned to protect environment and coordinated with tourism activities and socio-economic values (Reihanian et. al, 2012). Stable tourism tries to set up the relations among host society, tourism place, and tourists, since this relation can be dynamic and constructive, and it tries to modify the pressure and crisis among these components to minimize cultural and environmental damages, provide visitors satisfaction and help district’s economical growth (Mohseni,…show more content…
Evaluation criteria provide changes’ evaluation possibility during the time in a static process. However, besides the importance of tourism performance evaluation using indicators, the used indicators’ type is important as well. Despite the usual lack of information in the tourism sector, its performance evaluation over the years has been using common indicators such as number of tourists, length of stay, and tourists spent money. Therefore, World Tourism Organization encourages countries to use a standard method. So it’s necessary to take an integrated approach and tourism development evaluation based on combined criteria set which evaluates different development aspects, to evaluate development according to stable development measures and criteria. Many efforts have been done during the recent decades to enlighten the essential stable tourism issues and measures which may help to make better decisions and have better performance, in such a way that compilation and use of stable development criteria is one of the fundamental parts of tourism management and planning. World Tourism organization used an integrated approach

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