The Importance Of Standardization In Education

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1.1. Task One: Chapter One Terminology
a. Alternative assessment – alternative assessment refers to tests that measures performance in ways other than traditional paper and pencil exams
b. LEP – Limited English Proficiency is used to describe is a term used to refer to students who cannot speak English very well
c. ELL – English Language Learner refers to a person learning English in addition to his/her native language
d. Performance assessment – A type of tests where, rather than selecting ready-made answers, students have to perform certain tasks
e. Authenticity – Authenticity is the act/process of developing learning materials that are genuine, real,
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All through the development of language teaching and testing, there has been an almost incessant emphasis on standardization. The Chinese, British, and Americans all had standardized tests and even the development of international language testing has been based on standardization (Coombe, Davidson, O’Sullivan, and Stoynoff, 2012). I chose this topic because standardization in language testing is important. It ensures objectivity and parity, and provides a clear and concise picture of learners’…show more content…
Assessment literacy thus leads to better learning. It determines whether learning goals are being met and enables teachers to reflect on their teaching methods and develop better teaching methods that promote learning.
Assessment literacy is represented by assessment that does the following;
i. Evaluates students’ learning progress and provides insights on how to improve lessons to foster better

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