The Importance Of Standardized Testing

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Additionally, during the process of studying for the tests, health can be placed at risk. In the process of preparing for the exam, the people involved, from students to teachers and other school staff, can be exposed to detrimental health conditions. As stated by Columbia University, standardized tests create a lot of stress not only in the students but also in the teachers. Many teachers even quit their profession because of the great amounts of stress that is laid on them when preparing the students. This can also lead to negative health consequences related to stress (Columbia University). Today, the importance given to these exams is so big that students have to retreat from their everyday activities, which are also important for a good development and learning, in order to prepare for the exam. Columbia University also explains this, saying that the success of schools is independent from the performance of students since funds are given to schools that do well. This can be seen for many students as a huge responsibility, creating an unhealthy competition. Many times students stop doing the things they like and that are important (play and exercise) to prepare for these kind of tests (Columbia University). Standardized tests are not a decisive measure because what is supposed to define one´s future and many other important decisions in life should not be affected by events that cannot be controlled such as external factors and health issues. Being something that is
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