The Importance Of Standardized Testing In Education

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Considering the great amount of money that is poured into education, you would think that we are producing geniuses by the freight-car load, however assessment geared toward measuring academic intelligence seems to suggest otherwise. First of all, the method used for measuring, standardized testing, can be greatly flawed just from the virtue that it’s a test. Tests are often described as tedious and nerve-wracking. Anxiety levels are higher than normal, and performance levels can be significantly suppressed. Many times we’ve heard people say that they choke or freeze up in test-taking situations. So is there any surprise that test results aren’t able to make as accurate of an assessment as we’d like to think? The results of the test often come…show more content…
Political groups are incented for poor performance, while better performance incents a public platform. Additionally there are reports that reveal that where schools have subpar performance on standardized tests, there has been a decrease in property value. It’s only common sense that achievement paves the way to effectiveness and students, like adults, are more effective if they understood what they have to gain. What would be the advantage in the success of the experience and how can the experience be applied in the future? Who should be responsible for student performance on assessments that carry so much weight in areas more than just school? Parents? Students? Teachers? There just doesn’t seem to be clear answers to any of these…show more content…
When I look back on my educational experiences at St. Mary’s Catholic School I have a greater appreciation now than ever before. Now that I have gained enough education to be able to understand the structure and the process of education during that period of my life I have a better understanding of what educating the whole person means. I believe very strongly that my elementary, middle school and high school teachers, principals and students were all on the same page and delivered on what should the model for education anywhere. The school administrators and teachers understood what to do to ensure learning took place among students throughout those fundamental years. They knew how to deliver that education and most importantly they knew why they were there to educate us. Understanding the why is the most important factor of all. The most successful individuals, organizations, companies, and schools, are the ones where they understand why they exist. “There is nothing more disturbing to me than an organization that can’t articulate why they do what they

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