The Importance Of Statistics In Statistics

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INTRODUCTION Statistics deals with methods which help in estimating the characteristics of a population or making decisions concerning a population on the basis of the sample results. Sample and population are the two relative terms. A population is treated as universe and a sample is fraction or segment of the universe. Statistics describe the data and consists of the methods and technique used in the collection, organization, presentation and analysis of data in order to describe the various features and characteristics of such data. These can either be graphical or computational. In this, nothing can be inferred from the data nor can decision be made or conclusion drawn. (Akbhanj, 2013)

Statistics are aggregate facts, a series relating to the height of a group of persons called statistics. It is qualitative expressions like young, old, good, bad can 't recognized. It might be affected by large number of factors. For instance, Prices increase or decrease would affected by conditions of demand. Statistics is a way which is reasonable standard of accuracy in enumeration, estimation or collection. For accuracy and reliability of data should be systematic manner collected with some predetermined purpose after collection data must motive to compare. (Akbhanj, 2013)

Statistics is one collection methods for planning experiment. First step in statistics is collected carefully to fulfill the basic objective of the purposed study. After collection, the data are organized in

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