The Importance Of Steating In Sports

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Sociologists contend that these ethical dilemmas arise because the sports have turned into spectator sports and hence the pressure and the urge to entertain has turned the competition element from sports to mere entertainment (Foddy, 2007). The emergence of spectator sports mean that the element of commercialisation has also been associated with the sports, which has increased the pressure to give good performance on the athletes. In certain cases, the political situations between the two countries even have an impact on the sports where both the parties make desperate attempts to win the game and hence may take help of the steroids of other performance enhancing drugs. Although all these factors can build up a strong argument as to why an athlete may feel a need to cheat in a game, it has not by any mean be justified by the sports authorities (Baron, 2013). Besides, the pressures and enticements are the same for all athletes, therefore the cheating in sports must not be justified under any circumstances. The experts on sports presume that these issues hence are not instructive, financial or social but rather basically moral and ethical (Reardon, 2010). The challenge has turned out to be one amongst specialists and doctors on one side and the managing experts on the other. The athlete turns into the casualty of a science that ought to help reasonable performance, as health risks are usually ignored and athletes hence cannot truly participate in a competition, unless they
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