The Importance Of Stella's Decisions In A Streetcar Named Desire

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In A Streetcar Named Desire, the decisions Stella makes throughout the play shape how her life is destined to turn out in the end. She chooses to leave Belle reve to find happiness in her new life in the quarter. She does not leave Stanley when he abuses her. She does not even believe her sister about who her husband really is. The decisions Stella makes destin her to the life she is now leading. In the beginning, Stella chooses to leave her life of riches and move to the poverty stricken Quarter. Blanche tells Stella, “I thought you would never come back to this place”(Williams 11). Blanche sees the decision her sister made as a downgrade, and a mistake that Stella gave up a life of riches for the quarter. Blanche also says, “You came to…show more content…
She just “couldnt believe her storyand go on living with Stanley” (Williams 65). Stella decides not to believe Stanley could do such a horrid thing like aping her sister. Blanche says “Stanley Kowalski- survivor of the stone age… maybe he’ll strike you or mayb grunt and kiss you!” (Williams 83). Blanche shared her opinions on Stanley but Stella continues to ignore them. Despite her sisters warnings “Stella embraced him with both arms, feircly, in full view of Blanche” (Williams 84). Stella continues to run back to Stanley completey ignoring her sisters warnings. Some pay argue that Stellas decisions did not really because her life ould have produced about the same lifestyle either way. “I thought you would never return to this horrible place”(Williams 11). Even if Stella had not chosen to leave, they still would have lost Bell Reve and be forced to livein a poverty strikken area. Throughout the play, Stellas decisions her destiny. Her decision to leave Belle Reve landed her in an abusive relationship.Her decision to stay in the relationship had her doubting her sisters wise words on who Stanley truly is . For better or for worst Stellas decisions shaped her life and her
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