The Importance Of Stereotypes In Animation

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All over the world people are impacted by the things they see on popular media and in almost every aspect of life. For almost every job, sport, and hobby, there are generalizations and stereotypes made that can completely influence the thoughts people have and the decisions they make throughout their lives. Stereotypes however do not always have bad connotations. Many people when they think of generalizations like this, there is a negative image in their head. It is completely ironic in itself that stereotypes are poorly stereotyped, but a lot of things can also have good connotations that are able to heavily influence people. Animation can play a huge role in the way people perceive every day situations, but even while it can cause stereotyping, it can be stereotyped as well. Whether good or bad, the list of stereotypes for artists never ends. People in the art community however don’t always get a good rep. If someone mentions an artist, one may think of brilliant visionaries like Michelangelo or Van Gogh, but another may think about an unemployed artist trying to sell his/her work on the side of the road. But just because one is unemployed does not make him or her any less brilliant. Usually when kids say they want to be an artist, parents shake their heads and wonder why this could have happened. It is typically most admirable when a teenager decides they want to become something “more successful” like a doctor, or lawyer. Most people don’t seem to realize
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