Gender Stereotypes In Movies Analysis

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This essay will discuss about two selected movies; each movie will portray a common stereotype and will be examined in relevance to the current time. The area of analysis will include stereotypes that are common for both men and women by building contrast between the ancient times and currently.

The essay will also argue the application of ancient stereotypes that are still applicable in recent movies. The argument will explore how films industries have changed but still controlled by the stereotypes. The movies I have selected for comparison of male and female stereotypes portrayed are Avengers and Hunger Games. Using the selected films will use them to elaborate how stereotypes are still evident up to date. In addition to that a comparison will be made on men a women stereotypes previously and currently. This will be done to evaluate how far we have come and how many changes have taken place since. Lastly on the conclusion will identify whether the stereotypes have changed or new strategies should apply for the future of film.

It can be agreed that media plays a major role in shaping our social norms. With media consumption we are faced with different perception of male and female in the society. In many films male characters are always portrayed as dominate than female characters. Krisi Tran (2014), states that only 18% of top
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For example in Hunger games her colleague Josh Hutcherson ‘Peeta Mellark’ was always there to help her when she needed it and through this we can see his been presented as Katniss Everdeen protector. This stereotype shows that despite being powerful they are still pictured in a way that objectifies them. In a movie where females are given the lead character the characters they always present the soft side of the woman. It can also be said that some films fail to portray women independent like the
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