The Importance Of Stereotypes In Society

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Nice person, work hard every day not stop, work hard for achieving their goals and obstacle that will make them stronger. The use of stereotypes is an major way in which we simplify our social world. A Stereotypes seem to be the ways people justify and simplify the society. People often prejudge people or objects with grouping them into the categories or styles they know, and then treat the types with their experiences or just follow what other people usually do, without truly understand what and why. Stereotypes are usually formed based on an individual’s appearance, and gender that would put labels on people. The appearance of a person’s in general is one of the most important causes of stereotypes. People usually tend to stereotype a person from what they see and think. Most stereotypes probably tend to convey a negative impression. Stereotype has become a labels in America followed by discrimination year after year, but society still not educated enough to know what is good from bad. Stereotype are part true went exaggerated about the true miss concession is true that does not come from any history or background. “Humans, like other species, need to feel that they are part of a group, and as villages, clans, and other traditional groupings have broken down, our identities have attached themselves to more ambiguous classifications, such as race and class” this article quote is saying that how people most separated themselves from other species even know humans are just
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