Essay On Student Stereotypes

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Society as a whole has been categorizing groups of people by stereotyping and misconceiving groups based on their characteristics and abilities. Stereotypes are used to categorize individuals based on some or exaggerated truths. Misconceptions, on the other hand, are formed from the stereotypes that have untruths or assumptions. Most stereotypes and misconceptions come from stories passed down, tv shows and even movies. Many of these common judgments and assumptions come from what is being shown in multiple medias. Like seen in many tv shows and movies, college students are portrayed as wild party animals, that only attend college to have fun. With many different stereotypes and misconceptions revolving around college students people do not know how these students actually are. The media, as well as past generations, portrayed college students as being reckless, party animals, that could care less about getting an education.
Individuals around the world portray groups of people a particular way, based on past beliefs or first impressions. Stereotypes are a widely believed mental picture of a
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College is actually very hard and nothing like high school. However, unlike high school, the professors can actually cancel class. Freshman 15 will happen to a person if they are not dedicated to staying in shape and eating healthy once in a while. Peer pressure is huge, especially if the person being peer pressured had never “had fun.” Many people do not care where the next part will be at, as multiple students will mostly focus on the school work and have their priorities straight. Living in dorms will not be the life of a party and playing beer pong in the middle of the halls, as there are resident assistants (RA) who will keep the halls in check. Meeting people will be easier than anticipated, as there are many group assignments and labs. These are only a few stereotypes that are seen to be based on
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