The Importance Of Stereotyping

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A stereotype is a way to determine where a person or thing falls in the realm of life. Stereotyping is a natural part of life and it actually does have a meaning in reality. It allows a person’s mind to work properly and for the human brain to be able to recognize, process, store and then recall the information when needed. It can also be used in racial, political, and religious ways and many more ways. Stereotyping in a racial way is judging people by the color of their skin, where they come from, or the language they speak. It can be both good and bad to stereotype, it just depends on how it is being said. Stereotyping in a religious way is judging people by what they believe in. Stereotyping in a political way is judging people in the political party they support. Stereotyping will never go away because it helps humans to process information about things and people. Everyone stereotypes no matter what it is or who it is. Some people may get offended or may think it is wrong to stereotype. It is a daily thing and a very natural thing people do. It is a way of life. Stereotyping separates humans from other animals or species and that is what makes a human being a human. Judging a person by their characteristics or their actions allows the person to show hatred towards that individual.
In all work forces it is a law to not discriminate against employees or other people in the facility. It causes low morale for a single person who is doing it or a group of people. A
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