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Humans have been swept into conflict for centuries now, and yet, we still can’t seem to stay away from it. In the real world, conflict is inevitable with all of the greedy, negative, and jealous people, but people can respond to this conflict by of course being kind to others around them. Although, people can best respond to conflict by sticking to their moral beliefs, standing up for their rights, and accepting each other’s differences.

Sticking to your moral beliefs creates a layer of protection in a person’s response to conflict. “Ultimately, many forms of discrimination and bias may develop not because outgroups are hated, but because positive emotions such as admiration, sympathy, and trust are reserved for the ingroup” (Understanding
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“Fred Korematsu decided to test the government relocation action in the courts. He found little sympathy there” (Independence Hall Association). Furthermore, this quote supports that standing up for your rights displays courage and bravery when faced with conflict because Fred Korematsu made the courageous and brave decision to stand up against the authorities, even though it might have been frightening. Sophie Scholl once said, “Stand up for what you believe in even if you are standing alone” (Bartoletti). This Sophie Scholl quote very much relates to the topic of standing up for your rights displays courage and bravery when faced with conflict because it presents Sophie to be a brave, bold, and courageous young woman when faced with conflict. During the Holocaust, millions of European Jews were murdered just for being a Jew, but when the United States caught word of the Holocaust, they sent immediate help to the Jews and stood up to the Germans. The United States’ aid to the Jews exemplifies courage and bravery to those around them. Standing up for your rights is a good way to respond to conflict because it displays courage and bravery to others, while also influencing others to join in. There are all sorts of good ways to respond to conflict, one also being the act of accepting each other’s…show more content…
“Diplomacy is a complex and often challenging practice around the world in order to resolve issues and advance interests” (U.S. Department of State). This quote about diplomacy relates greatly to the topic of accepting each other 's differences allows violence to simmer down in a time of conflict because diplomacy is basically the definition of that very claim. “You only really get to know people when you’ve had a jolly good row with them. Then and only then can you judge their true colors!” (Goodrich, Hackett, Kesselman). This quote from the Diary of Anne Frank supports the claim of accepting each other’s differences because people cannot just judge a person by the way they look, but by the way their personality grooves with yours. Accepting each other’s differences is a great way to respond to conflict because it allows violence to simmer down in a time of conflict. There are many different ways to respond to conflict, but only our true identities determine if we completely resolve these conflicts or
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