Essay On Tacit Knowledge

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One of the main challenges in organizational knowledge is to convey tacit knowledge. Furthermore, there is also a possibility that an expert have difficulties in articulating and conveying this tacit knowledge. In order for organisations to stay competitive, it is important for the employees to be equipped with the necessary explicit and tacit knowledge. Explicit knowledge resides in manuals, policies and procedures. The tacit knowledge resides in employees head such as experience in handling major projects or perhaps insights and ideas on how to improve a business processNonetheless, storytelling in knowledge management (KM) context is seen as an effective tool to communicate knowledge, particularly tacit knowledge. While people
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Firstly, management support is crucial to the success of the storytelling initiatives. Without support and sponsorship from the government, employees will not see the need to transfer knowledge. The lack of support from the management could also suppress the storytelling culture in the organisation. The management of a PETRONAS organisation, conduct lunch talks and seminars so that employees can share their experience to other colleagues. There is also a challenge in producing an worthy knowledge sharing stories. Some experts have difficulties in transferring their tacit knowledge to lessexperienced colleagues through stories. Firstly, experts are not professional storytellers. Their stories will be unstructured and very abstract hence making it difficult for others to understand. Secondly, the high level language used by the expert individuals might not be fully understood by non-expert individuals reported a comprehensive study conducted by The International Association of Business Communicators on storytelling in organisations which summarizes the challenges of implementing storytelling as lack of a storytelling culture and the failure of the management to understand on the purpose of stories and how to use those stories to benefit the
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