The Importance Of Storytelling In Literature

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Storytelling has been a way of the world for centuries. The oral expression was the only way of preserving stories before reading and writing came into advent. It is an oral documentation of culture and beliefs. It was also one of the primary sources of entertainment and literary instruction. People used to gather around the storyteller, who used to tell stories of heroic events or important events happening at the time. Since man had to rely on his memory for everything, storytelling helped people to learn to pay attention, absorb, and retain information that they would have otherwise found difficult to do. The first great story that spread from one place to another was the epic Gilgamesh, in 700 B.C. Following that was Aesop’s Fables, which…show more content…
In today’s world, the advent of technology has changed the way stories are told. We may not follow the conventional method of storytelling but narratives exist in all the entertainment we partake in, whether it is in the form of fictional literature, television shows, or movies. A visual form of representation to tell stories has also emerged due to social media and photography. Storytelling is a significant part of our lives because it helps people to connect and understand each other’s stories and lives. It helps us to gain understanding and empathy and grasp the message behind the story. Only in the form of a story, people can relate to characters, the plot, and ultimately, the person telling the story. Psychologists and historians believe that storytelling is one of the only things that bind people together and define our…show more content…
Effective Listening is one skill that even adults could do themselves a favor by learning better and practicing. We often listen to reply, and not to understand. The neglect of storytelling during childhood can be a significant reason for this. Storytelling promotes patient listening in children. It also helps with increasing their attention span. Kids love to talk instead of listening to anything, and storytelling gives them with the necessary training to listen and understand instead of talking. When children are exposed to stories from a young age, the likelihood of them turning out to be good listeners for life is

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