The Importance Of Strength

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Strength has been a topic of debate and research in the field of Positive Psychology since many years. Some believe that strength is a ‘capacity for feeling, thinking, and behaving in a way that allows optimal functioning in pursuit of valued out comes’ (Linley and Harrington, 2007).
Others suggest that our strengths are ‘the psychological ingredients – processes and mechanisms- that define morally valued virtues’ (Peterson and Seligman, 2004). The exact definition of strength varies from person to person but to put it easily, strength is the natural talent of a person in which he/she excels.

Life pushes you to struggle and keep fighting in order to move on. To achieve your goals you have to focus on your strengths and nurture them. However,
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They mention their strength or strengths and seem more energized and happy.

Did you hear the dejection and a sense of misery during your second recording? You can tell by your voice how upset you were because of that particular failure.
The trick is to reconnect with that energy that you felt when you were at your best. This energy is your strength which will pave your path and help you in moving forward.

Yet another way of measuring your strengths is VIA survey. The VIA is a tool developed by Dr. Martin Seligman, one of the founding fathers of Positive Psychology. It measures 24 character strengths such as humility, kindness, bravery, honesty etc. It basically measures the character traits which are universal across the world. The strengths that are higher in your profile are your character strengths.

However, it is important to know that those traits that come in last are not your worst weaknesses. You can indeed bolster them with time and proper planning.

Use your strength
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The answer to that question is no. It does not mean that your weakness has vanished into thin air; rather by focusing on your strength you have bypassed your weakness. You still need to work on that weakness by finding a counter strength.

For example, I hate speaking up in public. I find it exhausting but the nature of my profession puts me in the lime light. I simply cannot avoid it. This is my weakness. That’s when I decided to turn the tables around and tackle this problem by bringing in my counter strength. I love working and thinking about new perspectives in solving any problem. I’m creative and crafty so my ideas are often modernistic. I decided to bring in my ideas during the meetings where I had to address people. Now public speaking has actually become fun and companionable.

You should remember that your strengths never prevaricate. They may change, grow or deteriorate with time and circumstances but they never come to stand still. You need to keep working on your strengths. Dream big; be optimistic while at the same time keep your feet rooted in reality. Encompassing your strength will make you energetic and enthusiastic and will enable you to see opportunities in the darkest

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