Why Is College Stressful

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We all have heard it already: college is stressful. Students are increasingly feeling more inclined to be more successful, to be the top and honours student and the achiever, to obtain that 4.0 GPA that is required for getting into the graduate school they want to apply. It comes off as no surprise to us with the current economy making it harder for people to get jobs that pay the minimum wage even with a college degree. More and more students are struggling, they are sleeping and eating less, socializing less and studying harder. The emotional health of students are declining, their sense of worth are becoming tied to their grades and as a result they end up paying a visit to psychiatry. How could they not when they have left their homes, are under pressure to get high grades, trying to establish friendships and romantic relations, struggling with financial problems, worrying about the costs of college and…show more content…
They think there is something wrong with them struggling and that they are alone in that struggle. Because they were promised the best years of their lives, how come they are not getting it? It might even be said that they feel the pressure to have the best years of their lives and as a result of not meeting that expectation, they feel stressed. In the recent years, colleges are reporting that in their surveys the number of students who feel under stress have increased and the numbers are worryingly higher compared to previous years. These important factors, however, are not discussed and talked about much. Students are not met with empathy; instead they are faced with more expectations from their families and professors. This amount of pressure put on college students in our times have been detrimental to their mental and physical health and in the long run will inevitably lead to more failure in school instead of
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