Personal Narrative: Dealing With Stress

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Throughout high school, and some college I have experienced the some of the major things to deal with in life. In high school I was only kind of told about some of the challenges that awaited, but also was given some right there to deal with on my own. I started high school trying to be the best that I could be. Doing that caused lots of struggling to happen. 4 honors classes with homework in each class and trying to play games all night didn’t cut the study plan, causing a lot of stress. The solution? For me, it was another class in school that I just randomly wound getting placed in, called Theatre. There were so many other problems that I faced when I was in theatre that didn’t get cleared up right away, but it did teach me very valuable…show more content…
I knew that I should get to work on it when I took theatre because stress and nervousness on stage is probably the worst thing I experienced. My teacher took the class through meditation exercises. I did this in middle school but didn’t really feel the effect until I was older how much more helpful it was to me. Learning about the key ways of dealing with my stress really did help a lot. I did lots of meditation at night, especially the night before tests. I would always feel more well rested on the nights I would meditate. This made me love acting and not being afraid to talk to a class or do presentations. I very rarely get nervous or stressed in the week now days, but there was always something I still felt. I knew that I was always still a little stressed about things, even things that I couldn’t get rid of through my daily meditations. I ignored it because it wasn’t important to me and I knew that I would someday deal with it. It took me 2 more years till when I took a health class, and one the topics was stress, and it caught me off guard. What I had thought about stress was wrong. Stress was always my enemy. The one thing that I knew I needed to get rid of as soon as I could, but what I learned is that, stress is not bad. Stress is another way of our bodies daily need for survival. We may not feel stressed right now, but there is always some stress on our bodies. Without stress, we would all die. There would be no fight so survival instinct. Stress comes from a hormone released into the body, and that same hormone is released when you hug
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