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Grade 12 is a difficult year and it is vital that learners organize and plan ahead of time. By doing so, learners will not only be able to manage their school work and extra-circular activities equally, but they will also be able to efficiently keep their stress levels to a minimum throughout the year. The term “stress” is defined as “the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change”, according to scientists. Stress can effect learners both physically and mentally. Matrics are likely to experience a lot of stress both from work and social aspects. Learners may feel very overwhelmed right from the very first day of school because of just the amount of work that they are given. The over load of homework makes it difficult for them…show more content…
If a learner decides to exclude him or herself from engaging with the people around them they may start to feel symptoms of depression or even withdrawal. Accepting oneself and not putting “self-blame” is a great way for a learner to reduce their stress levels. Students should constantly keep reminding themselves that stress is real and universal, and that there are ways both (difficult and easy) to reduce them from one’s life. Students can write their thoughts down and ideas to prevent them from being crammed in the mind and avoiding overthinking. Every person should be able to find a relaxing technique that is best for them. When choosing a specific technique, one should choose one that fits their lifestyle and grabs their interest. Relaxing every once in a while is a great stress relief method for a person to reduce the stress levels that they are most likely to encounter every day. A few minutes to oneself, such as Meditation to doctors is defined as “the relaxation response”. Meditating in one’s spare time can help ease anxiety and give an atmosphere of peace and build self-esteem if a person is constantly repeating good things such as words in their

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