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Nowadays the stress can be seen everywhere, regardless of race and culture background. Stress exists in all areas, including physical chemistry. In our study life will encounter a lot of pressure, they come from society family and school. Stress is a biological and psychological response experienced on encountering a threat that we feel we do not have the resources to deal with. It can make people more susceptible to physical illnesses like the common cold and insomnia and short-term stress can help us to inspire ideas and clear thinking. The influence of different levels of stress can bring us different. Some people think that people are under the stress for a long time, it will affect our health. Some people think that the stress can improve the efficiency of their work. The same stress on different individuals will be a different reflection. No matter what kind of stress and where it comes from, we divide them into three levels: moderately, strong and too small. This essay focuses on stress and how it can affect academic success. To begin with, moderate amount of stress can help college students’ academic success and help you feel alive because our life needs stress to help us to improve the work efficiency and creativity. Also a moderate amount of stress may help child learn to cope with adversity. Research…show more content…
Fortunately, we have a lot of things to do, to minimize and cope with stress. Here are a few methods on dealing with stress. The best ways is leave your environment. We 're not saying to give up a difficult project, but when you leave a period of time, you will find that you will have a fresh perspective and new idea. If you can 't leave, you 'll also be able to relax and move your attention to other places. Also you can practice deep breathing until the work start again. We can manage own time, get plenty of sleep or to experience different life and learn to control your reactions and decided to take the best way of

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