The Importance Of Stricter Gun Control Laws

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As a student, you would think that going to school 6 hours a day, for 5 days a week would be a safe environment for you. think that most agree, that we should be doing things about guns in America. Many school staff and students get killed by these horrible weapons that are called guns, which not a lot of people can stop from bringing it to school. After learning about many massacres that happened in the past couple of weeks, we should have stricter gun laws and background checks in order to keep our country safe. The first reason why we should have stricter gun control laws, is because of all of the gun violence, and deaths by guns. Stricter gun control laws can lead up to less gun violence and could cut most deaths by firearms in half. According to an article called “Does the U.S. Need Tougher Gun-Control Laws”, published on February 20, 2017 in the Junior Scholastic showed that, “We lose more than 36,000 Americans to gun violence every year in this country. That’s an average of 99 gun deaths a day” (Pratt). This explains how dangerous guns could be when it’s in the wrong person’s hands, and how it’s logical if less people have guns, then less gun violence will happen. In addition to gun violence, stricter gun laws are necessary because guns give people the ability to cause great destruction on others and cause a huge threat. In a Tylt article, it states that, “In most of these other countries, the worst thing that might happen is somebody gets hit with fists, or a glass

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