The Benefits Of Gun Control

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Less gun, more beautiful life
Now, gun ownership is being legalized in many countries, but crimes committed by the people who have guns are likely to imminently endanger the life or property safety of innocent citizens. There has been a mass shootings in the United States recently (Newman & Hartman 2017). As a result, it made the controversial topic “whether the government should control guns more strictly” have more debate value. Gun control is defined as a way that aim for “protecting the safety of citizens through limits on and regulation of firearms” (“GUN CONTROL:A.” 1984). There is an argument that the government may control the number of people can legally posses a gun and the time the people could posses a gun more strictly. For example,
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According to the follow-up by North, during three years of survivors of some mass shooting cases, these people are more or less post-traumatic stress disorder and it may last long (North 2002). This can prove that mass shooting could cause great trauma to the survivors who experienced and it may take them a long time to back to normal life. There are also some situations that the trauma could effect them lifelong. There are also some data showing that the number of the guns that was sold has increased after a mass shooting because many people were affected by the mass shooting and want buy a gun for self-defence (Storebe & Arie 2017). The increase in the number of guns that people bought for self-defense is probably due to a lower level of confidence in social security and the strong sense of self preservation. This phenomenon suggest that the mass shooting events has had a bad effect on the survivors mental health and even made them feel frightened after hearing such news. Actually, many people think that if many people have the guns and these people who have guns are surrounding with them, they may be worried about some bad things happen (Hemenway 1995). If the government decide to control guns more strictly, this decision might directly reduce the chances of the mass shooting issues because gun is the only tool for shooting. Since the mass shooting issues is hopefully…show more content…
This essay shows three aspect to think this controversial problem. In the first place, stricter gun control policy could save many people’s lives through prevent part of the suicides. Secondly, stricter control over guns may protect citizens’ lives and property by keeping them away from violence and some types of crime related to guns. Last but not least, stricter gun control policy may protect people from the risk of traumatic stress disorder. In addition, there are opposing views. The strongest one is that guns can be used for self-defense in order to protect the rights of citizens. Adversely, controlling guns stricter does not against the right of citizens to defend themselves, but hopes that the way of self-defense could be variable and do not always rely on guns. More importantly, the stricter control over the guns could make many citizens obtain the senses of security and lead them a comfortable life. The gun should be controlled stricter in order to leading all the citizens a better
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