Personal Narrative: A Hard Struggle In My Life

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A difficult struggle that I have experienced in my life would be having a child at such a young age. The struggles I would have to face didn’t face me at the time. This decision made me grow up and have to be more responsible. Not only was I responsible for myself, but having to be for another life. I never thought someone like myself would be in this predicament that I was in. Hearing that my pregnancy test had come back positive wasn’t something my mentality was ready for at the time. Thinking about how I was going to take care of my baby was always on my mind. My situation wasn’t like babysitting, I couldn’t give this baby back when I was done watching him. The baby was mine, and mine forever. I didn’t care at the time about my…show more content…
After the birth of my son was when everything felt surreal. I couldn’t go out with friends anymore. I couldn’t relax and sleep in. Being a new and young mother was very hard. I can’t do anything or go anywhere without brining my baby along. I was very scared when he first got sick. I wasn’t experienced with this sort of thing. So I would have to take him to the hospital. If I didn’t go there I would have my mom help me when she could.
I thought every time that he got sick that I was doing something wrong. I was very scared of making the wrong decisions for the both of us. I was kind of thrown in to being a mother not realizing how much work there was. I started to get the hang of things and got a job once he started preschool. As my son grew he had so much love from my family, that he was well taken care of.
As the years went by, seeing him grow up, I thought about my education a little bit, but it was not enough to continue. I went through a selfish faze where I wanted “me time” and explore my freedom. Maybe it was due to me missing out on so much “so I thought” when I had my son. My love didn’t change for him, I was just confused, young, and my priorities were messed
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