The Importance Of Student Athletes In School Sports

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“This D- is one of the best players on the team! He’s completely ignoring schoolwork just to play football! It looks like this grade hails from a school that allows you to play sports even if you fail classes. Let’s take a look at his stats: he has no plans for life except for playing in the NFL as a career despite the fact that less than 5% of student athletes go to the pro’s. We just had an interview with him, he said that education does not matter him because it’s just not important to him. We asked him why he doesn 't even try to get good grades, and he asked why he should get good grades if he gets nothing out of it. That was a great game! It looks like this team is set to head towards a life of a low paying job, financial insecurity, and no college! All because the school doesn 't take into account grades and academics when they ask themselves ‘who deserves to play?’.”. When we allow poor grades onto a school sports team, they may completely throw out academics, jobs, and college just to play sports as a career despite that only 2.83% of student athletes make it to the professionals. Take it from a 12 year old, it’s fun to have passions and hobbies! Like my hobby is astronomy, and studies show that ¾ school-aged children have organized sports on their list of fun hobbies. Hobbies can provide lots of challenges and hours of fun to children everywhere! But when hobbies interfere with school, it’s not so fun in the long run. Most schools in America allow students to play
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