The Importance Of Student Diversity

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Introduction One of the important factors to achieve sustainability of society in a nation is education. However, it faces lots of challenges due to the diversity in Malaysia. Government had come out with some idea to promote unity through education such as introduced “Vision School” to society. The "Vision School" concept involves putting a national school and 1-2 other vernacular schools together at the same site to share common facilities such as the school canteen and sports ground. It hoped through this will encourage interaction between student in various races and foster national unity.Cultural responsive education is very important. According to Lynch (n.d.), to help all students become respectful of the multitudes of cultures and people that they 'll interact with once they exit the educational setting is the primary goal of culturally responsive education. Another important goal of culturally responsive education is to teach students to respect and appreciate their own culture and heritage. These not just benefit to individual, it also benefit to society and nation. Children are asset for the nation in future. The future economic and moral success of our nation depends on the success of every child in school today. Positive Critique Culture is an asset In the article of “Addressing Student Diversity via Culturally Responsive Pedagogy”, it emphasized that every culture which represents a person’s identity is an asset for a particular ethnic group. Everyone in
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