Going To College Essay

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After high school, many young adults feel as if they are free and ready to take on the world, whether for them that be going into the workforce and living on their own, having fun with friends and trying to figure out the world and life, or going to college in order to prepare for the career they have chosen. Fewer high school graduates are choosing to go to college and prepare for their career by getting a degree every year, however, for those that do decide to go to college and take that step, two more problems arise after they decide to. One problem is that they need to decide where to go to college, and another is that they need to decide what they want their career to be in. Some high school graduates decide to pick a college and try…show more content…
At Yale, the events are pretty lackluster with the exception of some cookoffs, a few plays, and a festival here and there, however they seem to be a friendly community and be close together considering dorms are by your major (“Yale University”). On the opposite end of the spectrum from being lackluster however, is MIT with the inclusion of a media lab, dance, museum, different music and theater events, and even art museums on campus along with different physical education and recreational sports groups, meaning there’s something for everyone (“Life at MIT”). At the University of Pittsburgh, obviously there’s plenty to do since it’s an urban campus in the middle of Pittsburgh. There are many “shops, restaurants, theaters, galleries, museums, sports” events, parks, and architecture that you can see (“Student Life”). Being a guy who can get bored fairly easily, I’d have to say that University of Pittsburgh would be the best choice for me when it comes to the student life and the variety of things to do when living
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