The Importance Of Student Satisfaction And Contentment

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The school is where first encounters happen, where students enhance their intellect. It is a place where students learn new things and learning is a development in our brains. A good environment with best facilities will help students learn and develop more that will improve the academic performances of the students. Satisfaction or contentment means the act of providing what is needed and desired. Having surveys in regards with the satisfaction is one way to let you know that people are contented in a particular subject. According to Herdlein, R., Zurner, E. (2015) students throughout the world find ways to spend their time outside of class in activities that complement the formal academic curriculum as well as the mission and goals of the university. This tell that in the new academic curriculum, there are lots of activities to be made by the students. Each activity needs the use of a certain facility to completely finish the task. Satisfaction is a determinant on how people rate a facility, establishment, staffs, and services. Satisfaction of people towards something define the quality of its considering it is good for them and it pleases them. Without this kind of determinant, the management of the facilities won’t be able to know if their facilities and services as well are not good enough and satisfying to the people using it. Facility availability. According to Merriam – Webster dictionary, facility is something such as a building or large piece

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