The Importance Of Study Skills

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To be skilled is to be able to perform a learned activity well and at will. A skill is a learned ability rather than an outcome achieved through luck or chance and can therefore be relied on reasonably. The term ‘Study Skills’ is used to refer to more than academic skills. They are approaches or rather strategies you use in learning. Honing one’s study skills helps in succeeding academically as well as help in real life. You can and will become discouraged and overwhelmed without effective study skills.
Study skills can be viewed into four categories:(Cottrell 2013)
1. Self-Management skills for study.
2. Academic skills.
3. People Skills for studying with others.
4. Task management Skills.
Self-Management: Self management is an essential study skill in higher education. It is needed to enable students to cope with the responsibilities of taking charge of their studies to engage fully in the learning process. Self management skills involve the following:(Cottrell 2013)
Independence: being a well informed, resilient and independent student
• Skills Management: Understanding and using strengths and improving your weaker skills.
• Learning: Understanding and personalizing your learning, capitalizing on strengths and preferences.
• Strategies: Creative, reflective, effective, active and motivated study strategies.
• Time: Managing your study time effectively.
• Improving performance: Using feedback from others.(Cottrell 2013)

Academic skills: Academic skills include:

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