The Importance Of Success In College Life

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The way the American teenagers ' life is set up, places two paths in front of each individual. Throughout time, and especially now, these paths lead to either success or failure. This is true regardless of goals, aspirations, or dreams. Two categories are formed, one is happiness, the other is projected failure. The outcasts, creative minds, and outliers who don 't fit the mold for societies successful adult, and are thrown into the other box, and told they can never be successful. Part of the criteria for successful people, is attending a university or college, and I believe it is near impossible to be successful without it. The path through college is difficult and expensive, but all careers in a successful person 's life involve the collegiate experience. There is no time too early to prepare for success, and college is the way to do it. Early life doesn 't ever contribute to burnout because the steps to prepare for college are often life skills. In my personal life, the preparation for this experience has been mixed in many ways. My early life, my High School adventure, and my experiences involved with The Boy Scouts of America, all have begun to prepare me for college, and protected me against the college admissions frenzy. My early life, as far away as it seems now, wasn 't far from where I am now, and the preparation my parents invested in me, pays off today and will continue to benefit me for the rest of my life. My home life has always been stable and safe,

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