The Importance Of Success In Education

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Lawyer, engineer, doctor - are the career options for the child of a traditional Indian family. My parents wanted the best for my sister and I. Unfortunately, the way I received their attention was the expression of their disappointment in grades that were slightly off the perfect mark. Living as an young Indian man bound to the pressure to reach absolute success under my traditional family was undoubtedly mentally strenuous, but it allowed me to mature as an individual and naturally strive towards success, eventually on my own terms.
Throughout school, my mother supervised my grades on a minute-by-minute basis. When my grades were an A, I never heard from her. If there was a minor slip, my mom was quick to point out her disappointment in my apparent failure. One particular chemistry test influenced my study behaviors.
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After that test, I realized that if I don’t make mistakes, then I will not learn anything. High school is about failing and learning through the mistakes that you make, through this process I learned that failure is a part of learning. I set goals for myself, taking time during lunch, and afterschool with my chemistry teacher to practice problems on the test. I began to study at Starbucks, therefore my parents weren’t breathing down my neck while I studied. I retook the chemistry test with more confidence. I received an A grade with no response from my parents, however I felt proud of myself. My parents lack of recognition of my achievements made me work towards my personal goals. I want to be a businessman, branching off into owning my own company, then going into politics. Working towards my goals, I began to achieve greater success and confidence, which lead to my continued improvement in school. I became more engaged in Chemistry class, sleeping eight hours during the night, and being more aware of my

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