How Will You Measure Your Life Analysis

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People have different ways to measure success in life. It depends upon the satisfaction of each person. People at working age always think that their life is already successful, but eventually at the end people mostly found that they fail in relationships with their family and others around them. Personally, I believe a successful life is happiness at the equilibrium of career and relationships with family. The Harvard Business Review article, ‘How Will You Measure Your Life?’ by Dr. Clayton Christensen, has some suggestion about how to be happy in both career and family life. There are three points that I am inspired to be successful in job and family life, which are allocating your resources, creating a clear culture and having humility. Firstly, allocating resources is very important to be happy in both your job and relationships. People have many activities that they want to be achieved, but in reality, they cannot achieve all of those activities because they have limited resources, such as time, energy and talent. Some people spend all of their resources on a career because it can indicate obviously that their life is moving forward. People feel more confident when they get a secure job and get along to it very well. They think to have a good career first in order to make their life perfect, and then they might look for…show more content…
Relationships with family and others are the most powerful source of happiness in life. We should allocate our time and energy appropriately for both career and family. Moreover, creating clear culture will guide career and family life to go in the right direction. Also, humility will help us to see the world widely and improve ourselves faster. All in all, I believe that balancing happiness for both career and relationship with family is a successful

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