The Importance Of Success In The Soccer Field

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Success is attractive. Failure is repulsive. There are successful people in this world and there are failures. People who are usually successful are admired and attracted by others due to their performance. Also people who are failures usually get shut down and get negative comments from others or get left out. I actually had this life experience when I experienced this on and off the soccer field.
Unfortunately, I was one those failures during soccer workouts and tryouts. There were other kids that were higher skilled than me and more successful. Carlos was one of those successful people on the field. He would attract attention towards others, while me and two other kids sat in the back and received nothing it 's repulsive for us. Ryan, Jacob,
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Carlos on the other hand was outstanding. Great shots, dribbling, and passing was all perfect. He attracted lots of attention from the coaches and players. It was repulsive for Ryan, Jacob, and I we were getting pushed back we lost confidence. Towards mid way of the week of tryouts we were split into two teams depending on skill. One team varsity and other team jv, Varsity is for the highly skilled players and jv is for the intermediate players. Ryan, Jacob, and I were placed on jv and Carlos and bunch of other players were placed on varsity. Just felt like we were getting pushed out of the frame and felt like we weren’t apart of it. Basically whoever was placed on varsity made the team they weren’t going to get cut. But if you were placed on jv you had a potential of getting cut from the team.
Towards end of the week I felt like a failure because I had the chance of getting cut from the team. Unfortunately at the end of tryouts emails were sent to players of a list of the players who made the team. If you didn 't see your name on the list that meant that you got cut and didn 't make the team. Sadly me and my friends ended up not making the team which made us seem like failures, and made us think that we aren’t not good enough to play the sport. And us not seeing our name on the list pushed us away from the sport and not wanting to
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