The Importance Of Sufi Practices In Islam

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All Sufis have some common ideas and practices. They all aim to help Muslims to become closer to Allah in their faith, their worship and their daily lives. Sufis believe that the most important thing in life is to be close to Allah in their love for Him and in their devotion to Him. To help them do this, they; try to overcome their own selfishness, avoid attachment to material possessions, try to live a simple life, concentrate on Allah.
B) Sacred time Sufi rituals go hand in hand with the mainstream of Islam. Since Sufism is a sect of Islam prayers and feasts are definitely the same. For instance, the five daily prayers, the holy month of Ramadan, and other major feasts (such as the Feast of the Sacrifice, which commemorates the sacrifice of the Patriarch Abraham) are part of the Sufi sacred calendar and daily routine. C) Worship and Devotion in Daily Life
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Shemeen Burney Abbas documents the place of women in Sufi practice.

“Samaa or the context where devotional Sufi poetry is sung and heard, is almost unknown by the West but is widespread in Muslim cultures. Although it is a significant dimension of Sufi Islam, samaa is poorly documented and scarcely understood among wider scholar audience. Women’s contribution to this is less known. Despite the strong gender component of Sufi ritual discourse, the role of women has been ignored by scholarly work. It is very much a part of the living Sufi traditions in countries like Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Morocco, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India”
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