Simple Vs Complex Sugars

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The proposed study is to seek a greater understanding on the awareness of added sugars in the diet of Americans and how they have a negative effect on the health of these consumers. Over the years, numerous studies (AHA, 2009; Dovey, 2015; Gunnars, 2013; The President and Fellows of Harvard College, 2018; Sack, 2013; Sergev, 2018; Stork, 2005;, 2012) have been conducted on sugar consumption and its effect on health.
Simple vs. Complex Sugars
According to The Dangers of Hidden Sugars, there are simple sugars and there are complex sugars. "Simple sugars are bad for you, and there are complex sugars that are excellent for you." (Sergev, 2018, p. 1) Doctor Sergev explains how eating a cookie affects your body more than eating bacon.
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According to Dana Dovey, "Sugar addiction doesn't just lead to obesity; it affects your heart health, brain function, and even your sex life."(Dovey, 2015, p. 1) Dovey reported from a study conducted in 2002 by the University of California, Los Angeles that, "Diets high in sugar affected the neuronal and behavioral plasticity associated with a chemical known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). This leads to decreased function in the ability to efficiently form new memories and store new information."(Dovey, 2015, p. 2) Dr. Travis Stork explains the effects of sugars' impact on the organs. The brain, skin, heart, genitals, kidneys, and joints all show to be affected by the consumption of too much sugar. "Sugar looks innocent, but it's an inflammation bomb." (Stork, 2005, p.…show more content…
David Sack reports research findings on how sugar affects physical and mental health. His research findings express concerns about depression, addiction, anxiety, learning and memory. His findings towards depression concluded that the fluctuation of blood sugar may contribute to mood. “Sugar suppresses activity of a hormone called BDNF that is low in individuals with depression and schizophrenia.” (Sack, 2013, p. 2) His findings on addiction concluded that there may be the same amount of addiction level as cocaine has on the brain. He found a study conducted by Yale University where, “The simple sight of a milkshake activated the same reward centers of the brain as cocaine.”(Sack, 2013, p. 2) Anxiety was also included in his research with findings that, “The standard American diet, which is full of sugar and fat, does not necessarily cause anxiety, but it does appear to worsen anxiety symptoms and impair the body’s ability to cope with stress.”(Sack, 2013, p. 2) Sack’s final analysis on effects of sugar on the body concluded that learning and memory are affected by the consumption of too much sugar. Based on his research findings, “The University of California, Los Angeles, six weeks of taking a fructose solution (similar to soda) caused the rats to forget their way out of a maze, whereas rats that ate a nutritious diet and those that consumed a high-fructose diet that also included omega-3 fatty acids found their way out faster.”(Sack, 2013, p.

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